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    NJAMFT bids a fond "farewell" to our Legislative Committee Representative, Rhoda Ondov MFT as she sales to a new career and new horizons. Rhoda has been an important member to our ranks, not only in her Legislative Committee capacity but also her contributions to her Northern Chapter. We wish you all the luck, Rhoda and thank you for your years of hard work, dedication and unique perspective on the needs of MFTs in New Jersey.

    Marriage and family therapy is a second career for me. My
    Rhoda Ondov MFT
    Rhoda Ondov MFT
    bachelor's degree is in Computer Science and I have an MS in Management. I spent 25 years at AT&T in Information Technology and Project Management, and another few years with MetLife in a Quality office. But after so many years of the corporate environment, I was ready to pursue my lifelong interest in the area of psychology, specifically helping couples and families. I returned to graduate school for an MFT program at Kean University. 
    Editor's Note: To read the rest of Rhoda's compelling story, please click here: Rhoda Ondov Career Highlights
  • < Of Clinical Interest To All >

    A recent article in New Yorker Magazine entitled "R U There?" prompted us to as ask former Northern Chapter board member Jeffery Brandler, Ed.S, CAS, SAP,  ( to provide us with an introduction.He poses some interesting points to ponder as you read the article. 
    Text messaging therapy?!

    Unprofessional, unethical, or ingenious? Should we as therapists lower our standards of therapy? Should we be sedate, conservative professionals , who practice therapy only in our offices in order to help people?

    What if: Text messaging could help adolescents in crisis?  • Text messaging therapy could tell you what times an adolescent would be prone to depression or addiction? • A conversation in 140 characters could lead adolescents to open up and share their inner most crises? • Trained volunteers could provide a therapeutic experience that leads to better outcome and safety just by using text messages? • Text messaging could help adolescents in crisis?
    Read this article (Link below) in the New Yorker magazine entitled "RU There" in order to learn how the Crisis Text Line (CTL) has been able to use texting to help teenagers in crisis. 


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  • LMFT Rated Among Best Careers

    Once again, US News and World Report's annual job rankings shows that Marriage and Family Therapist was rated among the best careers (Top 50) for 2013 (follow link below to view the article). The article also says "By 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts this occupation will grow by 41.2 percent, much faster than the average for all occupations." This is heartening news during difficult economic times and times in which health care providers are feeling the strain of so much change.

    Read the article now by clicking here:  US News and World Report: The 100 Best Jobs

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